Technology Collaborations



In our efforts to continually raise our industry standard and be a leading innovator Greener Solutions, we welcome strategic partners in our explorations for innvotive technology or process to achieve higher productivity, lower wastage’s, safer disposal and sustainable maintainability.

As part of our strategy to strengthen our core businesses, ISOTeam Group will continue to establish strategic alliances with eminent business partners, both in Singapore and abroad, working toward Eco-Retrofitting.

Technology Integration For Home Automation Systems

Home automation encompasses a wide spectrum of applications and technologies ranging from lightings to home entertainment system, and security system to remote access control system, in order to successfully integrate varying level of technology and system methodology from end to end, ISOTeam Group works in close collaboration with product specialists to engineer unique solutions for our customers.

Exploration For Alternative Surface Treatment Method

An exploration with Singapore Polytechnic’s graduating students for alternative surface treatment method. Being a leading player in the public sector R&R, the group handles more than 100 blocks of HDB apartment R&R each year. There is great value in looking into alternative methods and delivery process which could have positive impact on life cycle cost, waste reduction, and water and electrical energy consumption.