Corporate Profile

Founded in 1998, ISOTeam Ltd. is an established player in the building maintenance and estate upgrading industry in Singapore. The Group has over 15 years of Repairs & Redecoration (R&R) and Addition & Alteration (A&A) experience, and has successfully undertaken more than 300 public and private sector R&R and A&A projects involving close to 3,000 buildings. ISOTeam is also the exclusive applicator of paint works for both SKK and Nippon Paint in the public housing sector in Singapore.

ISOTeam’s major customers include town councils, government bodies as well as private sector building owners. Over the years, ISOTeam has repeatedly won tenders for projects even without being the lowest in price, which is a strong testament to its quality, reliability and safety track record in the industry. The Group’s expertise in handling R&R projects has won it many awards and accolades.

ISOTeam is an early adopter of eco-conscious methods, and works with strategic partners and technology companies to develop and commercialise green solutions and products that it integrates into its projects.

  • Neighbourhood Renewal                                                                                 Amenitities Upgrading
  • Community Connectivity                                                                                  Reroofing & Waterproofing
  • Design & Build                                                                                                  Retrofit & Repainting


The Best and Preferred Partner for Complete Solution in Built Environment


Deliver excellent quality, cost efficient, professional services to achieve total customer satisfaction.


1.) People Development:We offer fulfilling career prospect and develop individual’s potential to build highly committed and competence team with integrity and adaptability.

2.) Performance and Accountability:We take ownership with initiative to achieve expected KPIs through continual learning and upgrading of knowledge and skill.

3.) Customer Focus:We offer high quality products and services with innovative sustainable solutions to satisfy customer expectation with desirable results.

4.) Relationship & Bonding:We value and engage all stakeholders with trust, respect and care for long term win-win situations.

5.) Teamwork:We practice effective and open communication and seek co-operation and collaboration among stakeholder to achieve desirable goals.