Property Upgrading & Restoration



Since 1998, the company has earned her reputation in buildings upgrading and retrofitting to Commercial Complexes, Condominiums, Hotels, Interim Upgrading Projects for housing blocks, markets and hawker centers. Entrusted with tenders as large as S$40 million, the company is spearheading the Government’s Neighborhood Renewal Projects, looking at them at a holistic perspective of upgrading our living environment.


Being a pioneer and leader in this sector, the company has hitherto redecorated more than 1000 blocks of apartment buildings in Singapore. Playing a vital role in reshaping Singapore’s built environment landscape, the company takes pride in engineering the transformations. With its accrued expertise, and numerous satisfied and repeat clienteles, the group has earned the recognition and trust to be the exclusive representation for Nippon Paint and SKK (S) in the public housing R&R sector.


Though a specialist trade separate from our core business, we have perfected our competencies in engineering the entire reroofing process and site management with minimal disturbance and optimal productivity so as to complete the roof transformation swiftly and effectively. To further ensure our service reliability and cost competitiveness, we manufacture our own precast components for secondary roofing system. To date, we have successfully completed more than 300 blocks of HDB and private apartments’ re-roofing contracts. Moving forward, we are exploring Green Roof solutions such as environment friendly solar reflective waterproofing products and other integrated methods.