Property Maintenance


At the heart of our Green Vision is to minimize resource wastage, encourage reuse and recycling, hence ISO-TEAM Group embraces efforts in façade restoration and cleaning to extend the useful life and sustain the aesthetic appeal of building envelops. We work in partnership with experts in various fields to draw up options in restoring Glass Curtain Wall, Metal Claddings, Tiled Façade, Natural Stone Claddings and Texture-Coated building envelops



TMS Alliances home painting pride itself to be a Nippon Paint preferred applicator for landed houses and apartments. This is a testament of our reliability, professionalism and ability to deliver trusted service to our customers. Our direct engagements with customer and friendly after-sales services have earned us numerous commendation from satisfied customers and also their referrals. We are enthusiastic to share our knowledge and know-how on the methods and products that could enhance the eco-friendliness of living and working environments through our Green Mark Consultancy Services for landed homes and office interiors.


ISO-PEST Management, an NEA’s registered Vector Control Operator, provides a wide range of pest management and termite extermination solutions. Sharing earnestly with our clients alternative methods of treatment, we explore more environmentally-friendly methods such as biological control using Bti and plant extracts, evaluating its level of effectiveness and suitability for each particular client and thereby finding solutions tailored specifically for their needs, be it preventative or corrective measures but of course, prevention is better than cure!



As a result of our strong and diverse project pipeline, we have built a team of well-trained Riggers and a large fleet of suspended scaffoldings, boom lifts and mobile aluminium scaffolds complete with in-house maintenance capabilities to support our own operations and any external professionals who need access rental. As a resource centre, our cost structure is low, enabling us to provide competitive pricing and reliable services.