Corporate Social Responsibility

Sustainable Policies and Objectives

AT ISOTeam, our philosophy is to deliver long-term and sustainable value to all stakeholders. Our business is principled upon an unwavering commitment to the economic, social and environmental interests of those we serve and the communities we operate in. Understanding that our enduring success is built upon the trust of our stakeholders, we strive to conduct our business in an accountable and transparent manner.

Commitment to Shareholders

ISOTeam places a premium on driving long-term value for our shareholders through adopting stringent corporate governance and accountability standards across the financial and operational aspects of our business.

Commitment to Customers

Earning the confidence of our customers is paramount to the long-term success and growth of the Group. As such, we endeavour to deliver high quality works to our customers on a timely basis while adhering strictly to safety regulations. 

Commitment to Employees

Our people are the key drivers of our vision to be the best and preferred partner for complete solutions in the built environment. As such we are committed to provide adequate opportunities for our employees to undergo upgrading or retraining so that they can perform their roles more effectively. In addition, we offer a fulfilling work environment marked by a culture of continuous learning and collective effort.

Commitment to the Community

The Group believes that it is our responsibility to make a positive difference in the community we operate in. We are committed to giving back and sharing our expertise. We also encourage and support our employees to engage in socially responsible activities and community service. 

See ISOTEAM Giving Back in pictures. 

Commitment to the Environment

The green in ISOTeam’s logo is a representation of our unwavering commitment to protect our environment and to add environmental value to our daily operations. 



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